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When In Doubt, Work On Your Network.

You sometimes find yourself thinking about how to bring in more customers. That's something that most business owners do. We tend to try and come up with ideas to get people in the door. While we come up with ideas, we tend to waste a little bit of time. That's why I always tell my clients to focus on expanding their network whenever they find themselves waiting for inspiration. Thanks to social networks, expanding your own network has become very simple. There are two ways to do this:

Navigate connections

The first way is to see the connections your connections have. Using Facebook as an example, you would look at the friends of your friends. The next step is to look for people that you find interesting. Now, this is important. I'm not advocating that you connect with everyone. Instead, what I recommend you do is to find others who seem interesting and establish a friendly conversation with them. How do you know figure out if someone is interesting? Look at the content that they post online. Find something that grabs your attention and use it to break the ice. Most people will react positively and will friend you back.

Find groups who share similar interests

The second way you can expand your network is to look for groups of people with whom you share interests. Facebook has a feature called groups. There are private and public groups about almost any subject. From music, jobs, cars, cameras, you name it. Look for groups that are about your own interests. Then, start participating in the group. Join in the conversation. As a result, people will friend you.

I know this sounds simple. That's the beauty of it. This is something that is simple enough for you to do without having to think about it twice. It requires you to invest no money, and you can do it a little bit at a time. I personally do this while whenever I'm waiting in line somewhere.

A great benefit

After you do this for a while, something great is going to happen. You will become an influencer in social media. Influencers are people who have a lot of friends or followers on social media, and as a result, have a willing and available audience of potential customers ready to buy. Becoming an influencer means that your customer acquisition costs will be reduced because people are now actively paying attention to whatever you say or do on social media. This means that your advertising costs will be reduced as well, because a lot of new business will come through referrals from your own network.

Remember: when in doubt, work on your network. It will pay off! 👍

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